• Exclusive Family House for 12 people

    Maison Junas, 6 bedrooms in a refined provence-style vintage family house from €990 per week.

    Find out more about the house, Junas, and this beautiful region!

  • Great Provence house with private garden

    Discover a beautiful Mediterranean garden in the old farm courtyard: lavender, rosemary, thyme, absinthe, licorice, sage…

  • Junas and surroundings are just outstanding!

    Discover a town and region with amazing landscapes, wild life, culture, music, festivals, Roman ruins, architecture… and the sea of course… what else do you need?

Maison Junas

Discover a wonderful holiday house to spend relaxing time with family and friends.

Maison Junas was renovated in the original style with great quality materials, with the respect of the heritage and the culture.

Come and discover all the exceptional things that Junas and South of France offer: from food to wine, from sun to the sea, from the garrigue to the jazz festival, from the culture to the outstanding nature.

Have a great stay!

The amazing region of Junas and South of France

Between the sea and the Cévennes mountains, Junas is in the French Garrigue, famous for its ‘Provence’ wild plants: lavender, olive trees, rosemary, thyme, licorice…

More than just the countryside, Junas and teh region have an amazing heritage and excellent artistic culture: a world-famous jazz festival, the old stone quarry… If you go a bit further you can also go to Nimes and its amazing Roman ruins, or the vibrant towns of Montpellier or La Grande Motte.

There is just too much to see and visit…

After that you will probably enjoy having a peaceful time enjoying some delicious Mediterranean food and local wine, or just a simple “sieste” in the garden in the shade of the magnificent cedar tree with the sound of the cicadas…

Bedrooms and Rooms

Choose from a variety of sizes and styles.


Room 1 – Chambre 1

Sleeps 2, King Bed, Balcony with view on the garden and the roofs, original stone floor


Room 2 – Chambre 2

Sleeps 2, King Bed, original stone floor


Room 3 – Chambre 3

Sleeps 2, King Bed, Balcony with view on the roofs, original stone floor


Room 4 – Chambre 4

Sleeps 2, King Bed, En Suite children’s room (bed or cot available on request), original stone floor


Room 5 – Chambre 5

Sleeps 2, 2 Single Beds, original oiled wooden floor, beautiful warm light at the end of the day

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